Thanks so much for wanting to learn about me,

My name is Christopher Ruckle and welcome to Kapture King Photography  - one of the finest in wedding photography & cinematography.  Your wedding can only be captured once and it has to be done beautifully.  I've spent more than the last 10 years honing my craft and striving to make films that raise the bar for wedding film-making.

That's why we only take on a limited number of weddings per year, far less than the average wedding video company.

I believe in quality-over-quantity and I want for you to re-experience your day with tears in your eyes; in disbelief about how gorgeously we preserved the emotion and sentiment.  Our belief is that we create films that become heirlooms in this digital age. I also believe that while the film is important, not disrupting your wedding day is even more so. 

It is my sincere goal to not only create a work of art for you, but make the experience of having a wedding film created a fun and pleasant one. 

I built Kapture King from the ground up.  With each wedding, my team and I have mastered the art of capturing your story with just the right balance of technique and instinct blended with some with drama (the good kind) and light-hearted approach to photography

​Investing in a good wedding photographer can save you tremendous heartache and disappointment after the wedding day and we aim to help you avoid that pitfall.

My family is an amazing part of my wedding business and often is seen on location with me as we all love the atmosphere of a wedding day. ​

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Allow me to check our availability for your wedding date - explain how it all works, and then happily answer any questions you may have. 

Christopher Ruckle